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June 2008

Written By: Jodi on June 17, 2008 2 Comments

I came across this recipe awhile back and couldn’t wait to try it out. Warning: This stuff is addictive! This makes a lot of bars and unless you want to gain 10 lbs., it’s probably best to share. These are very rich – FIVE eggs in this one. This is one of my new favorite [...]

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Written By: Jodi on June 14, 2008 2 Comments

Okay, I have no idea how to do this myself, but *somebody* needs to do it. Here’s the deal. I don’t like veggies. Never have, most likely never will. I have some exceptions – fresh green beans, sweet corn, potatoes, carrots in some forms…I think that covers them all. Other than that elite group, no [...]

Written By: Jodi on June 10, 2008 2 Comments

Obviously, we also survived day 2 of the convention. It wasn’t as much fun as the first day for me, but I was getting exhausted. It tires me out to be around a lot of people and action for extended periods of time. The main vendor halls were even hotter than the day before. They [...]

Written By: Jodi on June 6, 2008 One Comment

Just a quick note tonight (ha! Am I capable of being quick? We shall see…). Today was the first day of our state homeschooling convention. After being up in the night herding the family down to the basement for a tornado warning and then shuttling the kids to their grandparents early this morning so we [...]

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