We began "doing school" on December 21, 2001 at my 3 year old son's insistence. I kept track of what we did each day for Preschool and transferred this information to an online calendar, which you can view HERE. Depending on your own child's level, these activities could also be appropriate for Kindergarten and lower elementary ages with some adaptation.

You will find that we used a lot of worksheets, again at my son's insistence. We also used "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" (a book I highly recommend!), which you will see listed frequently. I've provided links to various online sources we used and added journaling notes here and there as I see fit. These can be viewed by clicking on the underlined items in the calendar.

Here are some links to things we did before December, 2001. These are in the "preschool" category.

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If You Give a Mouse A Cookie Week

First Feltboard Pieces


I haven't yet decided if I'll add our Kindergarten activities to the online journal. I think it could be helpful for some, but I'm also considering the privacy issues involved. So for the time being, I will list some of the resources we are using for Kindergarten:

Many of these were purchased from Book Closeouts, where you can find a wide variety of great workbooks and educational resources at any time - check back often as their inventory turns over very quickly.

We also use lots of library books and books from our own collection, as well as using internet resources for various topics. As you can see, we are quite eclectic in what we use, often using more than one product for each subject. We kind of rotate through them or use whatever one appeals most to my son on a particular day. Our 'school time' is still usually under 45 minutes a day, unless my son gets caught up in something and doesn't want to stop - in which case he often comes back to it throughout the day.

1st Grade and Up

I'm afraid I haven't kept up with this part of the website very well. The time goes by so quickly! Soon, I will at least post a list of the curriculum and resources we used most for these grades. We remain very eclectic, so the lists will be substantial. :-)

I hope that by providing this information I can be of help to others who are just starting out - or those who are simply curious. This is in no way a 'recommended' course of study. I'm following no set curriculum and we're just winging it as most of us do at this point. Your days will and should look completely different than ours, depending on your child's individual preferences and needs.

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