This is a large list of links that I've collected over the last few years. If I can determine that a site is specifically Christian, I will note that next to the link.

Please preview these sites before allowing your children to view them. I have visited all of these at some point and they seemed fine to me at the time, but you may find something I didn't see. Also, there has been an unfortunate trend of unscrupulous people taking over popular domain names and changing the content to things we wouldn't knowingly let into our homes. So, please use caution when going to these sites for the first time.

If you find any broken or inaccurate links, please to let me know. I've noted links I have found to be no longer active; if they are still unreachable during my next link check, they will be removed.

Note: All links will open in a new window - close new windows to return here.

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Academic Subjects ^return to top^

Art/Music ^return to top^
Art Safari - Explore animals in art. View artwork and then answer the questions and complete the suggested activities. From the Museum of Modern Art. Also explore Destination Modern Art (ages 5-8), Modern Starts, Making Choices, and Open Ends for further art appreciation activities. Please preview each section before viewing with your child as all artwork may not be appropriate for your child's age.
Aunt Annie's - Programs and 'web books' giving craft instruction. Puppets, paper airplanes, games, etc. K-8.
Classical Music Archives - Thousands of classical music files to listen to. You can listen to 5 per day for free or subscribe in order to access many more.
Impressionism - Site includes 8 teacher lessons about Impressionist art, along with a tour which explores Impressionism. Gr. 1-8.
JanBrett Videos - Famous children's author and artist's site includes many activities, including videos showing how to draw several different creatures and items.
Kididdles - Lyrics to many kids songs, including audio for some. Also sorted by subject & searchable.
National Gallery of Art - Tour the National Gallery from your home. Collection & in-depth study tours.
- Free online piano lessons.
Playmusic - Learn about instruments in detail, listen to them make music, meet composers and musicians, and more. Fun site for kids to learn about music - and perhaps develop an interest in learning to play.

Bible/Character Training ^return to top^
All God's Kids - *Christian* Coloring book pages, activities, games, puzzles, etc.
Bible Activity Worksheets
Bible Quizzes *Christian*
Calvary Chapel - *Christian* 325 lessons covering Genesis through Revelation. For grades 1-6.
Character Journal - *Christian* You can subscribe to this weekly e-zine that delivers a character quality along with associated Bible studies and other activities to reinforce the highlighted character trait. You can also read past issues (see the links on the left hand side of the page).
Doorposts - *Christian* Bible-based character helpers. Retail, very affordable.
Home Life Ministries - *Christian* The Character Journal, a free monthly e-zine to help build Godly character in children. Past issues available on the site.
Volunteermatch - Want your kids to get involved in a volunteer project? Search for one here.

Geography ^return to top^
50 States - Gives plentiful information on each of the 50 United States, plus commonwealths and territories. A great resource, we used this site a lot during our state studies.
Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation - Very cool presentation on the growth of the United States from 1789 to present.
Blank and Outline Maps - From Links to many sites with blank and outline maps of different areas of the world available online for your use.
CIA World Fact Book - Detailed information on all countries of the world from the CIA. - This is the "Learn & Play" section of the website. Lots of great free resources for geography here (Maps101 does require a subscription, however).
Outline Maps - A nice collection of outline maps in .pdf format that you can print and use for free.
Test Your Geography Knowledge - Online quizzes for all the continents. Great testing and fun reinforcement tool!
USGS Educational Materials - Several resources for grades K-12 can be downloaded from the U.S. Geological Survey site. Map skills, caves, volcanoes and links to other USGS sites with even more educational materials.
World Flag Database - Flags for all (?) countries of the world along with entities within some countries. Includes all U.S. state flags.
Xpeditions - From National Geographic. Wow. Lesson plans, activities, maps, etc. Covers all 18 geographic standards. For each item, it also gives other areas to explore (check the boxes on the left hand side of the page for those). Each of the lesson plans gives you grade level choices. Interactive pages and video clips, also. K-12.

Government ^return to top^
Ben's Guide - From the U.S. Government Printing Office. Information, games and activities about the U.S. Government. Sorted by grade ranges. K-12.
FirstGov for Kids
- Run by the FCIC, this is a great resource to sites for kids. Some government sites and others of interest, i.e. the CIA, Federal Census, NASA.
Whitehouse Kids - Tour the White House, meet the President's pets, find out the Vice-President's favorite flavor of ice cream & more.

History ^return to top^
America's Story - This Library of Congress site has many areas to explore: Meet Amazing Americans, Jump Back in Time, Explore the States, Join America at Play and See, Hear and Sing. A nice jumping off spot for exploring the subjects covered.
American West
- Lots of information you never knew about the American "Wild" West. Includes lesson plans.
Animated Atlas: Growth of a Nation - Very cool presentation on the growth of the United States from 1789 to present.
Archiving Early America - This site specializes in 18th Century America. They have many original documents available for viewing on the website, including newspapers from the 1700's, The Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boon, portraits, and other interesting historical documents.
Castles - This is the kids section of the site. At last check, some of the graphics were missing, but click on the text links and most of them are there.
Colonial Hall - Biographies of the Founding Fathers. They also have the Declaration of Independence and hope to add more historical documents.

Costume History
- The history of fashion with descriptions and pictures from Babylon to present. Mostly external links, but lots of them.
Famous Kings & Queens of England - Here is a simple site with the Kings and Queens of England pictured in order. The cartoon-like drawings would be great for timelines and reports.
Heads from History - This site has portraits of quite a few historical figures. Great for timelines and history reports.
History Channel Classroom
- Teacher's guides, discussions and more related to shows on The History Channel. Lots of info on the entire site.
Hoover Presidential Library - Curriculum guides covering Herbert Hoover's life as well as Laura Ingalls Wilder, general history study and a reading list.
HyperHistory Online - A huge timeline covering 3,000 years with clickable links in the timeline for further information. Also includes lifelines and maps. Takes a little getting used to, but there's a lot of information here.
Mr. Donn's Ancient History - Nice collection of lesson plans and other resources for teaching Ancient History. Warning: some of the lesson text may not agree with your personal convictions or may not present the material in ways you would prefer (the origins of man, etc.). Most should be useable, though.
Oregon Trail - Award-winning site. Historic sites, fun facts, trail diaries and more.
Restoring America - This site seeks to bring the words and deeds of United States patriots to light in a way that shows their morality and their dependence on God for wisdom. Great lessons and much wisdom is to be found here - things that will serve our children well as they lead our nation one day. Includes thought-provoking questions for the reader.
Rootsweb - For geneaology research. There are both free and paid subscription resources available here. Best for older kids who are capable of doing detailed research.
School History - A large collection of resources, games, quizzes, lessons, etc. for teaching history. This is a UK site, so some of the content may reflect British history.
This Day in History - From the History Channel, each day has an article on something that happened on this day (or any other day you want to look up). You can also choose categories, such as Entertainment, the Old West, Literary, several wars, etc.
Time Lines - Links to numerous timelines on the internet. Sorted by category.
Tower of London - A virtual tour of the Tower of London.
USGenweb Project - Free genealogical research resource run by volunteers. Local pages for most areas in the U.S. Best for older children. Perhaps a good volunteer opportunity if there is an interest. Also see the WorldGenweb Project for international family research.

Home Arts ^return to top^
4H - National 4H council.
Bread Baking for Beginners - from Fleishmann's Yeast.
Candlemaking for Kids - from
Children's Recipes *Christian*
Gardening for Kids
-*Christian* Basic gardening advice; also includes 'kid-friendly' plants. - Lots of information for the home, not just crafts! Everything from sewing to woodworking to cooking to home remodeling and design. My favorite satellite tv channel! Check out the related DIY site, too, for more do-it-yourself type projects.
Home Sewing Association - Beginning sewing lessons.
Kids Gardening
- Extensive site on gardening for kids, from
Kids A Cookin' - From Kansas State University, this site presents recipes for kids and parents to make together. There is a new recipe each week with kid-friendly instructions to help them master kitchen skills. Recipes are archived for your use.
Money Matters for Kids - *Christian* From Larry Burkett. No time like the present to learn good stewardship. (Link not working as of March 2006.)
Rittners Floral School - Step-by-step lessons in floral design.
Waxed Out Candles - Online guide to making homemade candles.

Language Arts ^return to top^
(incl. Reading, Writing, Penmanship, Literature, etc.)
Aesop's Fables - 650+ online, some with audio. Also some other authors and areas of interest to educators.
American Sign Language Browser - Click on the word you want and see a Quicktime movie demonstrating the sign. Explanations make the signs easier to remember.
Bibliomania - Free literature and study guides, 2000+ classic texts
Bookadventure! - Kids register, read books from the list (5,000 titles & growing), take quizzes and earn prizes. Parents also register to get reports, develop reading lists & approve prizes. Very cool! Free from Sylvan Learning. K-8.
BookSpot - Free resource center for all things book-related. Sites are hand-selected by the BookSpot's editors. Includes reading lists, reviews, bestseller lists, authors and more.
Calligraphy - The history of calligraphy, project ideas & a mini-lesson.
Children's Books Online - Free! 19th & early 20th century children's books. Pages scanned as images, including pictures. 400+ so far.
Compact for Reading - From the U.S. Dept. of Education, reading and literacy skills activities for Kindergarten through 3rd grades. 100 activities for each level.
Copywork - Copywork tips from the Parker Family.
Dewey To the Rescue - If you're a homeschooler, you probably spend a lot of time at the local library, and that means dealing with the Dewey Decimal sytem. This Flash multimedia tour is a mini-course on what the DD System is and how it works. Gr. 3-8.
Grammar Rock - Lyrics to Schoolhouse Rock grammar songs.
Hero's Journey - This site takes you step-by-step to create a story using mythical hero structure/folklore. Best for older students (mentions Goddesses, 'temptations of the flesh', etc.), but the wording can be adapted to your belief system if you go through and edit before using.
Into the Wardrobe - An excellent site dedicated to C.S. Lewis and his works.
KidsFonts - Download fonts to make your own handwriting worksheets.
New England Primer - *Christian* This page contains the text of The New England Primer which was published in 1777 (the Primer was published numerous times over the years). This was the most commonly used textbook in the U.S. for over 100 years. Read the website owner's technical notes for an interesting commentary.
Omniglot - Wow. This is a cool site and very handy when you need it! This site has information (origins, etc.) and visual representations of the written text of over 160 languages, both common and obscure. Also includes links for fonts and further information on the languages. Very interesting for studying specific countries/languages or for general study of cultural differences or language.
On-line Books Page - Listing of 14,000+ books located online, most in their entirety.
Phonics Desk - Free worksheets from TampaReads. 25 worksheets covering 5 lesson topics. Each lesson teaches 20 words that share a common vowel sound or reading rule. K-2.
Project Gutenberg - Thousands of out-of-copyright books reproduced online in text format, free for the downloading. Contains many classics. This is a great resource for hard-to-find, out of print books - all for free!
S.C.O.R.E Cyberguides - Unit studies tied to recommended books. K-12.
Shakespeare for Children - This is the content from "Tales From Shakespeare" by Charles and Mary Lamb. These stories have been made readable for children. Parents should read these first, however, as they are retellings of Shakespeare's Tragedies and they do contain references to spirits and such. Although these stories have been rewritten in 'plain English', there are still a lot of words that you may need to explain to younger children.
Spelling Lists - Spelling word lists from the Katy Independent School District. Grades 1 - 5.
Studio Arts - Sample Italic Handwriting mini-lesson.
Wacky Web Tales - This site allows you to create 'Mad Libs'-type stories. Grade 3 and up.

Latin and Greek Latin resources - Thousands of Latin resources available at Pronunciations, literature, Latin/English dictionaries, etc. The list is huge so be prepared to scour of refine the search to find what you are looking for. Greek and Latin Educational Links - From Greek 'n' Stuff, a publisher of children's Greek and Latin texts, an extensive list of links to sites of interest to those teaching and learning these classic languages.
Learn Greek Online - Free modern and ancient Greek classes. Just sign up to take the courses. Donation to the site is optional if you feel so led.
National Latin Exam Syllabi and teaching resources - Most probably won't be taking the National Exams, but this can be used as a scope and sequence for each year of Latin instruction.
New Testament Greek - *Christian* All courses may be taken for free without registering. If you want feedback and scored quizzes, etc., you will need to enroll and pay the class fee. Includes audio files for pronunciation. 3 courses provided.
School of Greek - *Christian* A 30 lesson course on New Testament Greek which promises you can read the first chapter of John in Greek by completion.

Mathematics ^return to top^
A+ Math - Flashcards, games, worksheets, homework help. Grades 3-7.
Brainpop - This site covers not just math, but also health, science, technology, English and social studies. Very colorful and energetic, includes animated movies on various topics, related activities and worksheets, quizzes, etc. You can view up to 2 movies per day for free - a paid subscription is required for unlimited viewing.
Computer Programming - If you have a budding programmer wanna-be in your home, check out this page of links to online classes that teach computer programming (both standard languages and gaming). I believe most are free.
- Fun math games. "An amusement park of math..." PreK-12.
Fed - Minneapolis - Education resources for teaching economics from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
FlashCardMath - Generate random worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Answer keys included. Printable flash cards also available on the site, see the menu.
H.I.P. Pocket Change - This is the U.S. Mint's site for kids. Along with games and areas that teach about different aspects of money, there is also a teacher's area with lesson plans, projects and other resources.
Math Fact Cafe - Create math worksheets or print the pre-made worksheets or flash cards provided. 1st-4th grade.
Origami Mathematics - The geometry of origami with models to fold.
Read Any Good Math, Lately? - Article explaining some different ways to 'do math' besides rote memorization. Interesting read, especially if you're stuck in a math rut.

Phys. Ed./Health ^return to top^
Code Red Rover - Sponsored by Lowe's, this website has activities and games to teach children home safety. Teachers can also register and get free lesson plans.
FEMA for Kids - The Federal Emergency Management Agency has put together this site to teach kids about how to be prepared for disasters.
Kid Safety - Safety information from the University of Oklahoma Dept. of Public Safety.
Games Kids Play
- Indoor & outdoor games for all ages. Over 250 activities with instructions and level of activity. NOT computer games...the real thing!
PE Central - Searchable P.E. lesson plans for various ages and themes.

Science ^return to top^
Amazing Space - This site uses the Hubble Telescope's discoveries to teach about science and space. Special 'Teacher's tools' section sorts the site's contents into categories. Be sure to check out the Online Explorations page.
Answers in Genesis
- *Christian* Ken Ham's creation science site. Young Earth.
Astronomy Picture of the Day - From NASA, see a new photo each day.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make In Your Kitchen
- Home science experiments. All ages.
Center for Chemistry Education - Register to access free lesson plans and activities. Also sells chemistry books and kits which are needed for some of the activities. All ages. This is hands-on chemistry, so some materials are required.

Chem4Kids - Explains many aspects of chemistry in an easy to read format with helpful graphics.
Creation Science Evangelism
- *Christian* Dr. Kent Hovind's creation science site. Young Earth.
Creation Science - *Christian* Articles and resources on Creation Science vs. Evolution.
Electronic Zoo - If you want to know something about an animal, this is the place to start. Basically a huge collection of internet links on both specific animals and veterinary medicine, sorted into easy to use categories.
Froguts - If the thought of dissecting an animal on your kitchen table doesn't exactly endear you to science instruction, this site can help. You can 'dissect' a frog virtually with this site, as well as learn about squid and dissect an owl pellet to reassemble the skeleton of the owl's last meal.
Good Astronomy - Links to good astronomy activities on the internet, compiled by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Rated for general age level and sorted into categories. K-12.
Heavens Above - Track orbiting satellites and actually find them in the sky. Also constellations. Customized for your location. Registration is free (and optional) to save your location and send you e-mail alerts, if desired.
Kids Astronomy - New online classes. Teacher's corner with lesson plans & worksheets.
Kidstorm - Weather site for kids. Includes storm chasing.
A Look Inside the Human Body - Colorful diagrams outline the major systems of the body (skeletal, circulatory, etc.) for children.
Molecular Expressions - From Florida State University, this huge site is so cool! Includes virtual microscopes with variable light and focus and multiple items to view, a gallery of hundreds of microscopic pictures of specimens, the Silicon Zoo, and more! There is much to explore at this definitely not "dumbed down" site - it is much larger than it at first appears. Also gives detailed information on how microscopes work. An excellent science resource. (Note: Some samples are of cocktails and beer.)
Naturesongs - This site has a ton of sound files of various things in nature. Birds, animals, insects, humans, weather. Pretty cool!
NASAexplores - Free weekly lesson plans related to current NASA projects. Lessons are adapted to several different grade ranges. K-12.
NASA Image Exchange (NIX) - Search tool for NASA's image & photo databases.
National Air & Space Museum - Educational materials.
Our Planet...Our Solar System - Complete lesson plan to teach 1st graders astronomy. Several weeks of instruction are covered.
Pizza Explorer - Learn food science and chemistry with this fun site that teaches using something most kids love - Pizza! It even lets you choose the presentation that works best for your child - right brain or left brain.

Science quizzes - All quizzes, all the time. Grades 3 and up.
Sea and Sky - Extensive information on both marine life and outer space. Photos, animation...this is a really nice looking site.
Solar System - This site has great photos of the solar system along with quizzes.
Solar System Coloring Book - This is a .pdf file. Includes the sun, planets, asteroids and comets. Each page has a picture to color and information about the subject.
Space Weather - Up to date space environment news. Aurora's, solar activity, asteroids, etc.
Spacecraft Kits - If you want spacecraft models that are realistic, challenging and free - this is a good place to look.
Teacherlink - Instructional units and lesson plans on various topics from NASA. All are downloadable in .pdf format.
Thursday's Classroom - This site from NASA gives weekly lessons for teachers on current NASA events. Check the page each week and also check the archives. You can also subscribe to the Science@NASA newsletter for the original stories Thursday's Classroom uses for their lessons.
Weather Coloring books - From the Nat'l Weather Service, coloring books about the NWS, Thunderstorms, Tornadoes and Winter weather.
Weather Dude - Weather Channel meteorologist Nick Walker has developed this weather page for kids.
Weather Room - Information about various weather conditions, reading weather maps and more. From the National Severe Storms Laboratory. Also check the VORTEX storybook and Teacher Resources links on the left bar.
Web Weather for Kids - Teaches about weather with games and activities.
Your Sky - A great site for skywatchers! Enter your location and get sky maps, horizon views and a virtual telescope view of the sky. Now you can see the night sky, even when it's cloudy! Also makes locating much easier when you head outside for some stargazing.

Activities & Crafts for Kids (including coloring pages, connect the dots/dot to dots, puzzles, etc.) ^return to top^
ABC Teach - Coloring pages, puzzles and other activities. Now includes Sudoku!
Activity Village
- Over 2,000 pages of activities for the under 10 crowd.
All About Coloring - Many coloring pages, games and puzzles.
Brickshelf - Is there a Lego lover in your house? Head to this site for thousands of creations others have made, some with instructions. Join the site (free) and you can share photos of your own original creations. They also have a service to help you if you've lost your instructions to a Lego set.

Coloring Page Search Engine - Need a coloring page for a certain topic? Try this search engine that finds coloring pages on the web meeting your criteria.
DLTK's Printable Crafts For Kids - Lots of craft activities for ages 2 & up, sorted by category.
Idea Box - Activities, crafts, games, recipes.
JanBrett - Famous children's author and artist's page with over 3,000 pages of free activities, coloring pages and projects. Includes videos on how to draw several items.
Sunday School Crafts - *Christian* Crafts and activities with a mostly Christian perspective.
Making Friends - Ages 2 to 15. Lots of great crafts. Retail store, but craft ideas are free.
Yamaha Paper Craft - Very complex paper craft models. Not origami since it's from more than one piece of paper, but quite impressive nonetheless. Definitely for the older kids.

Clipart Resources (for homemade projects/lessons) ^return to top^
A-Z Clipart Guide - From Check the subject index on the left hand side of the page.
Classroom Clipart - Wide variety of graphics to choose from, sorted by category.
Clipart ETC - Free clipart for students and teachers. Over 11,000 pieces of clipart.
Clip Art Graphics - *Christian* Woodcut & watercolor biblical graphics. Clipart - Nice sized collection of clipart designed for use in school projects. - Search engine specifically for images - clipart, photos, etc.
World Flag Database - Flags for all (?) countries of the world along with entities within some countries. Includes all U.S. state flags. Great images for reports or presentations.
World Missions Collection - *Christian* Black and white and color illustrations from the Bible, sorted chronologically.

Curriculum & Supplies Retailers/Catalogs ^return to top^
Apologia Science - *Christian* High school science curriculum from Jay Wile. Highly recommended by homeschoolers I trust who are using this with their older children.
Beloved Books & Homeschool Audio
- *Christian* Audio, books, a trading post & more. - Deep discounts on closeout/remainder books from other bookstores. Check here often, their inventory is constantly changing and their prices are incredible.
Bright Ideas Press - *Christian* Excellent Geography, History and Science curriculum, links to related online discussion groups, as well as articles written by Maggie Hogan, newsletters and more.
Christian Book Distributors
- *Christian* Discount curriculum, books, Bibles, gifts, music, etc. Excellent service & almost always the lowest prices.
Cornerstone Curriculum - *Christian* Curriculum from the Quine family. Biblical world view.
Critical Thinking Co. - Educational products that emphasize critical thinking. K-Adult.
Diana Waring - *Christian* History Alive! curriculum. Also, books, tapes & videos. We've enjoyed our purchases from the Warings.
Dinah-Might Adventures - Hands-on techniques for learning from Dinah Zike. Also curriculum.
Early Advantage
- Makers of the Muzzy language course for children from the BBC.
Elijah Company - *Christian* Chris & Ellyn Davis. Great products and an excellent source of advice and reviews. Reading the catalog is a learning experience in itself. One of our favorites!
Great Books Academy - Complete classical homeschool program for all grades
Greenleaf Press - *Christian* Many subjects, but specializing in History. Rob & Cyndy Shearer.
Homeschool Swap - *Christian* Board for selling and buying used "living" books and homeschool curriculum. Registration required for safety.
Home Training Tools - *Christian* Science (including Creation Science).
How Great Thou Art - *Christian* Art curriculum & supplies. Ages 3 & up.
Lakeshore Learning - Educational products for infant-elementary ages.
Learning Adventures - *Christian* Unit study curriculum.
Lifetime Books & Gifts - *Christian* Tina & Bob Farewell and family.
Math-U-See - This is the math program we've used for our entire homeschool career. I highly recommend you order the demo and check it out! Hands-on and effective.
McGraw Hill Learning Store - Purchase educational materials directly from the publisher.
QuarterMile Math - I've heard many homeschoolers recommend this math game program. Students compete against their prior scores as they race through math problems. A fun way to do math drills!

Rainbow Resource Center - *Christian* Huge selection of all things 'homeschool'. Be sure to request their phone book sized catalog - and then block off about a week of time to get through it. Discount prices, too.
Scholastic - Homeschooling parents can now register to shop the Teacher Store. Kudos to Scholastic for acknowledging that homeschoolers are 'real' teachers - who sometimes also happen to have real money to spend on their educational needs. :-)
The Story Teller - Felt educational products.
TruthQuest - *Christian* Excellent homeschool history curriculum from Michelle Miller. Approach is from a Christian worldview. Uses high quality "living" books. All ages (depending on the volume). We use this curriculum in our home.
Vision Forum - *Christian* Excellent organization headed by Douglas Phillips. They have wonderful resources and beautiful catalogs of items for families. Check out the site, it's so hard to explain but I think you'll be impressed with their mission! - I've heard great things about Andrew Pudewa's programs from some who have heard him speak at homeschooling conventions. These cover writing and spelling.
Young Scientists Club - A series of kits that are sent to your home including the materials needed to complete them (other than common household items). Including a wide variety of topics suitable for children aged 4 to 12.

Educational Games & Software
(Downloads, Online Games, and other Fun Diversions)
(Free!) ^return to top^
Brain Boosters - A large collection of word puzzles to give your brain a workout!
Download Learning - This page has a wide variety of free educational programs to download. Categories include America, Interactive Atlas, Science & Technology, Timelines, Math Facts & more.

- *Christian* Program to help learn the books of the Bible.
Free Paper Toys - A large collection of links to free paper models of a wide variety of objects. Many are Chinese or Japanese pages, but you can usually reach the printing page by clicking on the graphics if they don't have English directions on the page.
Funbrain - Tons of educational and fun games for all ages. Search by subject matter or age. Also has resources for teachers/parents like MyGradeBook, Quiz Lab and Homework Relief Central.
Funology - Fun facts, science fun, jokes, games, recipes, etc. Both online and offline activities. Lots of ways to cure boredom in a fun, educational way. K-5.

Funschool - Online games for Preschool through 6th grade.
Games for Learning - Check out "Games Ideas" for games you can make yourself. Ideas will also be found in other areas of the site.
iKnowthat - Interactive games and activities to teach a full range of subjects. Each game is rated for grade level difficulty. Register to save scores and print awards. There is also a paid subscription available, but you don't have to register or pay to do many of the activities. K-6.
KidsFreeware - Free software programs for kids. Educational programs, games, etc. Age 2 & up.

Owl & Mouse
- Several free programs for Geography, Phonics & more.
Papertoys - These are cool. Free models for you to print out and assemble. Some are quite elaborate and require several printed sheets and some are single page models. Castles, The White House, Statue of Liberty, Nativity scene, various cars - lots of fun stuff!
PBS Kids - Games, stories, coloring pages, etc. related to PBS children's shows. PreK-6.
Primary Games - Games and activities sorted into subject areas. Lots of fun things to do here.
Puzzlemaker - A wide variety of puzzles that you can make to go with your current topics (or just for fun!). They also have a section of challenging mazes. From
SEN Teacher - U.K. site for special education needs teachers - easily adapted to all children of different levels, this page has many free educational programs to download.
Torpedo Software - Geography & History programs.
Schoolhouse Tech - 3 free programs (math & word search) to generate worksheets. Also 4 shareware.

Field Trips (Virtual & Real) ^return to top^
Adventure Learning - This non-profit site sends a team of explorers to different locales around the world. Teachers and students are allowed to participate virtually and communicate with the travelers as well as others who are participating around the world. Includes lesson plans. Since the trips are in 'real time' you will need to check the expedition listing and join in at the appropriate time - or you can access previous expeditions in the archives. Participation is free (but registration is requested).
Biltmore Estate - Take a virtual tour of this American castle. Check the links on the left to learn the history of the house and the Vanderbilt family, along with the gardens and other areas of interest. 4 virtual tours available (House, Gardens, Winery and Inn).
eFieldTrips - Really cool online field trips to locations around the world. Print out a trip journal, watch the presentation, then ask experts questions (with responses in 1-2 days) and even chat live with experts at scheduled times. More field trips are planned - check the Premeire Date for each one on the Available eFieldTrips page.
Factory Tours USA - A listing of factory tours available all over the United States. Find any that are close to where you live or check out the possibilities before you take your next trip. Great resource!
Internet Field Trips
- From Scholastic. These online field trips are centered around topics rather than destinations - such as children's literature, writing, research, etc. These would be very good for teaching internet research.
Museums Directory - A comprehensive listing of large and small museums, historical societies and arts organizations. Sorted by state. A great resource for finding interesting places to visit in your area or on the road.
MuseumSpot - Free guide to museums and other cultural information on the Web. Not just art and history museums, there are a links to a wide variety of museums - from agriculture to offbeat to zoos. The links are hand-selected and reviewed by the site's staff.
Tower of London - A virtual tour of the Tower of London. There is also a kids tour led by Reginald Raven, a cartoon character who 'lives' at the Tower.
- More than 30 free internet field trips available. Grades 1-12.
Virtual Tours - Listings of over 300 virtual tours available on the internet, including museums, exhibits, real-time, virtual reality and special interest.

Free Stuff for Educators (Yes, that includes homeschoolers!) ^return to top^
All Hands on Deck - Order a free kit including a video & 14 lesson plans tied to the USS Constitution (a/k/a "Old Ironsides"). Multiple subjects covered. K-12. I've received mine and it looks *very* nice.
Educational Free Stuff
- From, a list of free educational items you can order.
Federal Consumer Information Center (FCIC) - Your tax dollars at work. This is the place in Pueblo, CO you've seen the commercials for. Order brochures from them or view in your browser. The "Children" link has the most items of interest.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - US Dept. of Education teaching and learning resources.
Homes of Our Own - How about a real-life application for all that math? This is a free computer program from the National Association of Home Builders that allows a student to build a home from start to finish. From site selection to final sale. Very cool!! And free for educators (while supplies last). Best for older children who can understand the concepts.
Homeschooling on a Shoestring - While this isn't 'free stuff for educators', if you're looking in this section of links, you'll probably appreciate the information on this site. Features discounts available to homeschoolers and free/cheap resources for teaching many subjects. Also has a forum. Check it out.
Insights - Used textbooks from schools offered for free (you just pay the shipping cost). Located in Greenville, SC, local residents can also pick up books in person.
Water Education - Order free water education materials from the California Dept. of Water Resources. I got a very nice sized packet (and I didn't order everything I could have).

General Information & Support ^return to top^
Bright Ideas Press - *Christian* Besides great Geography, History and Science curriculum, this site includes articles written by Maggie Hogan on these and other topics related to homeschooling. - *Christian* Homeschool Encouragement Center. I am a co-founder of this site. We have live chat 24/7. This chat room is for homeschooling parents/guardians only. There are weekly topic chats and open chat most hours of the day. Please stop by for advice, encouragement, support or just for friendly conversation with like-minded adults as a break in your day (or evening). Someone is usually in the room, almost around the clock. We are international!
Families on the Road - If you're like me and have a dream of going on an extended RV trip around the country, this site could be of use. Check out the articles and other resources available at this site, owned by a homeschooling family who lives on the road full time.
Freedom in Education - This site discusses general homeschooling topics with an emphasis on homeschooling in England.
Heart of Wisdom - Group of sites containing a wide variety of advice and guidance for homeschooling families. Some items for sale. Very useful site.

- *Christian* The page looks bare, but click around on the drop-down menus - there is a lot of content lurking here.
Homeschooling Boys - *Christian* A site specifically for parents of boys. Lots of articles and helpful information. The associated mailing list is one of my favorites!
How to Get Started Homeschooling - Advice on starting homeschooling with helpful links to give you more information. You can do it!
HSLDA - Home School Legal Defense Association. Membership entitles you to homeschooling related legal assistance from this organization. Check it out and see if it's for you. Many hs support groups have membership discount plans.
Learning Styles - Includes quite a bit of information and a questionairre to assess learning styles. Questions are on an adult level, so they may need to be adapted for use with children.
NHEN Answers the Socialization Question - A short article regarding the 'socialization' issue and how you can respond when others bring it up.
Objections to Homeschooling - A collection of responses to the common objections others have to homeschooling - including the infamous 'socialization' issue. Helpful for having a ready response to these questions. Also great as a reminder to yourself on those difficult days when you wonder why you ever chose this path.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine - *Christian* Online version of the magazine. State-by-state resources, online articles from the magazine, extensive product reviews, forums, etc.
Paula's Archives - A collection of answers to some of the nuts-and-bolts questions homeschooling parents have. Great tips from those who have been there, done that.
Socialization: The "S" Word - Replies and supporting information for many objections raised about homeschooling. Be ready with a thoughtful, informed answer and the questions will most likely begin to dwindle. :-)
The Social Worker at your Door - Nobody wants to deal with this, but it's important to know what to do *if* Social Services comes calling. From HSLDA, some of the tips are for members only, but many are for everyone.

Home & School Organization/Forms ^return to top^
Chartjungle - Charts and awards for kids. Homeschool schedules and calendars, also.
- Tips for maintaining all areas of the household. Also includes some free charts and crafts.

Odds-N-Ends ^return to top^
Career Paths - This site has 3 areas to assist in the job-finding process, from choosing a career field to actually getting a job in that chosen field. Career Choices directs you to sites that can help you choose a range of career options. Then it has Career Biographies, explaining what is involved in many different careers. Finally, it has Career Preparation, which gives you links to sites that help with everything from resume cover letters to evaluating job offers. High school and up.
- This site is mainly for finding careers in New York state, but don't let that put you off. This site has an area that allows you (or your child) to complete some questions that will lead to suggested career choices. This can be found here, or for a more detailed assessment, you can register a portfolio (free).
Gateway to Educational Materials
- Search engine sponsored by Dept. of Ed. - tons of educational links on all topics for all ages.
Geocaching - Want to go on a treasure hunt? Have a GPS receiver? Then you are set to go geocaching! Caches are hidden all over the country. Inside are small trinkets that you trade for one of your own. There are also travel bugs that move from one cache to another and can be tracked via the website. This is great for geography, nature hikes or just some family time.

KidsKonnect - Safe Internet gateway for kids. Links by subject. This site is maintained by educators and their goal is to maintain a group of quality sites that are 'kid safe' with no objectionable content or ads. Parental supervision while on the internet is still highly encouraged, as things can change suddenly and only a parent knows what is 'suitable' for their children. Still, this is a great jumping off point for kids as they use the Internet.
Letterboxing - If you are familiar with Geocaching, letterboxing is similar. You are given clues to letterboxes and instead of having objects to trade, you use rubber stamps to document your visit. Great for geography (navigational skills) or just for getting the kids out of the house for some fresh air!
Quoteland - Tons of quotes, categorized in a variety of ways. Great for report starters, history, etc. Personally, I just love a good quote on its own merit.
Tying knots - From Boy Scout Troop 9 in Billings, MT. Animated!
Unique Projects - Free plans for interesting projects kids will love! Click on the Projects link for a full listing of available plans, including cost, completion time and difficulty level (also sortable by these fields). Bulletin boards, eye pillows, magazine holder, ring toss game, clock, yogurt...quite a few interesting projects.
Yahooligans - Internet search engine especially for kids. Warning: Quite a bit of 'pop' culture content here, so you may want to supervise closely if this is an issue for you.
(Note: My favorite all-round search engine is
Google. Did you know that you can turn on a filter to exclude the return of sites with 'adult' images and/or text? Click on the "Preferences" link at the top of the Google page and scroll down to the SafeSearch filtering section to turn on the filter at your preferred level.)

Online Teaching Resources & Classes ^return to top^
(Lesson Plans/Unit Studies/Educational Materials/Worksheets - multiple subjects)
A Kids Heart - *Christian* Variety of free teacher helps, including programs you can download, Pre-K resources, Holidays, Bible, and more for all ages. Primary grades.
A& Classroom
- Teacher materials for use with A&E network shows.
abcteach - Lots of worksheets, theme units, activities & more. 4,000+ free pages.
ALFY - This site provides units, lesson plans and other teacher resources.
All About Coloring - Coloring pages & puzzles from the people at DLTK-kids.
Baltimore Curriculum Project - Monthly lesson plans based on the Core Knowledge® Sequence. K-5.

Core Knowledge - Lesson plans for PreK-8.
DiscoverySchool - Lesson plans for K-12. From the Discovery Channel. Indexed by age range and subject. Page is now opening with full page ad, just click "skip" below the ad to get to the lesson plan page.
Donna Young's Home Site - *Christian* A bonanza for homeschoolers - forms, lessons, how-to's.
Easy Fun School - Articles, how-to's, activities. Lots and lots.
EdSitement - From the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) this site has a variety of lesson plans in the areas of Art & Culture, Literature & Language Arts, Foreign Language and History & Social Studies. Searchable by topic and grade range. Click on "All Lesson Plans" for the full listing with age levels listed.
Education World - Extensive site for teachers. Areas of most interest to homeschoolers will be the "Lesson Planning", "Technology Integration" and "More resources" sections.
EmTech Consulting - A large collection of education links. Sorted into categories for ease of use.
Enchanted Learning - Huge site with printouts, label-me pages, crafts, maps, etc., etc. Plan on spending some quality time here.
Endangered Species Picture Book - US endangered animals to color - from the EPA.
FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence from the Department of Education. Portal to educational government sites from over 30 Federal agencies.
Free-Ed - A wide range of online classes for FREE! From aerodynamics to mathematics and computer programming to plumbing. Interesting topics for elementary to college level. - a/k/a Lots of free worksheets.
Garden of Praise - *Christian* Scroll down to the "For Kids" and "For Teachers and Homeschool Moms" sections for several helpful items. Musical multiplication, Presidential trivia, Bible-based spelling, Famous paintings for students, etc.
Graphic Organizers - Help your students organize information in a variety of ways - one of them in graphic format. Several different graphic organizer options are explained and illustrated here (Venn diagram, storyboards, flow charts, etc.). Also check the Journaling section for more forms.
Highland Heritage - *Christian* Almost 500 forms to help homeschoolers. From planning sheets to unit study checklists, music worksheets and bible study forms, there is a wide variety of topics covered. Check out the rest of the Highland Heritage site for other helpful items like unit studies, notebooking and creating books with children. (Links not working as of March 2006.)
HomeworkSpot - Free information portal covering common K-12 subjects. Math help, science fair projects, arts and crafts, field trips, themes (great for unit studies) and much much more. They even include some fun 'study break' ideas.
Kid Explorers - *Christian* Free lesson plans with a Christian perspective. Also have activities, stories, coloring pages, etc. From
Lesson Planet - Large lesson plan collection. Register for the free level of membership and you can access 3,000 lesson plans. Or choose a pay subscription for more lesson plans and teacher tools.
Making Books - This is the kids page of It gives instructions for several different books you can make for a variety of purposes. Visit the main page to purchase instructional materials and for more helpful information. Book making is a great hands-on learning tool!
National Geographic Kids - Also look at the 'Education' section via the drop-down menu.
National Park Service - Here is the educational section of the NPS site. This includes links to educational information at National Park websites, educational programs sponsored by the NPS, teaching resources, online activities, etc. Quite an extensive resource, and you don't have to travel to the parks to take advantage of many of the things offered. Also great for planning vacations.
NTTI Lesson Plans - Lesson plans for K-12 from the National Teacher Training Institute. Plans were developed by NTTI Master Teachers.
OpenUW - From the University of Washington Educational Outreach program, a handful of interesting free courses that can be taken online.
PBSYou - You may have the PBS YOU channel on your local cable or satellite service. If you do, this site will tell you when the courses are televised and give you course descriptions. They offer both for-credit classes (through community colleges) and informal, informational classes. These are adult education classes, but many would probably be suitable for advanced high school students. Courses could be taken for homeschool credit, or you can take the course through one of the participating community colleges for college credit.
Personal Education Press - Create and print educational worksheets, flash cards, game boards, quizzes, etc. right from your browser - free! Use for reading, writing, math, geography, science and government. - Free teacher resources for PreK-8. Includes lesson plans and internet field trips.
SeaWorld - Teachers guides related to SeaWorld inhabitants.
Smithsonian - Learning resources from the Smithsonian Institution.
State Quarters - From the U.S. Mint, teaching guides that use the state quarters as a learning tool. Teaches several different subjects, not just math! K-6.
Teach-nology Rubrics Generators - I don't understand or use Rubrics, but I know some use them for grading. This site has several you can make online and more features if you sign up for a membership. There seem to be quite a lot of free resources, however. Peruse the rest of their site for other topics, like lesson plans, worksheets, etc.
Teacher2Teacher - Several sections of free resources for teachers. Dolch sight words flash cards, hundred boards, clocks, activity pages, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more.
Teachnet - Variety of lesson plans in several different subjects. Also check out their BrainBinders puzzles for some challenging fun.
Thinking Things - from Snaith Primary School in the UK. Several interesting pages, virtual poetry magnets, etc.
TV Watch - Although the weekly listing of educational shows is no longer available, this page still contains the links to various networks and available study guides, so with a little research you can take advantage of the many educational shows that are broadcast. Check out the other TV links at the bottom of the page, also. (Link not working as of March 2006.)
Unit Studies - An extensive list of unit studies available on the web, sorted alphabetically by topic.
Worksheets Unlimited - The name says it all. Includes worksheets for "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons" among many other things.

Philosophies/Methods ^return to top^

Charlotte Mason
Charlotte Mason Original Series - *Christian* This site has placed the whole educational series on the web for everyone to read.

Classical Education
Trivium Pursuit Online - *Christian* Christian Classical Education from the Bluedorns.
Classical Christian Homeschooling - *Christian* Christine Miller's extensive site. New site design is here.
Well-Trained Mind - Support site for book of this name. A little more secular in nature, but the authors are Christians.

Delight-Directed, Relaxed & Unschooling
Lifestyle of Learning - *Christian* Explains Marilyn Howshall's Lifestyle of Learning approach.

Unit Studies
Five In A Row - *Christian* Includes FIAR, Before FIAR & Beyond FIAR. Message boards.
Prairie Primer - *Christian* Unit study based on the "Little House on the Prairie" book series. Developed for grades 3-6, it can be adapted to other ages, also.

Pre-K & Kindergarten Specific ^return to top^
Abecedarian Academy Homepreschool - Personal webpage of a homepreschooling family.
Bry-Back Manor - Activity pages for little ones. Also coloring pages and basic math worksheets.

Chalkboard - Educational resources just for Pre-K and K students. - Lots of themes and crafts.
Compact for Reading - From the U.S. Dept. of Education, reading and literacy skills activities for Kindergarten level (also available for 1-3 grades).
Crayola - This entire section of their website devoted to resources for teachers. Lesson plans, art, resources, etc. Also visit the rest of the site for coloring pages and more. - Monthly themes for activities & curriculum, along with an archive of Arts & Crafts searchable and sorted into categories.
First-School - Lesson plans, activities, etc. for ages 2-6.
Game Goo - Interactive games to teach early literacy skills. Grouped by difficulty level. Animated with sound. K-2.
KidsRCrafty - Activity sheets, coloring, dot-to-dot, shapes, numbers, etc.
Kinder Art - Over 1,000 art lesson plans an activities, along with other resources.
MHC Free Coloring Pages - Alphabet, numbers, holidays, shapes.
Perpetual Preschool - For professional pre-K teachers, this site contains pre-K teaching ideas.
Preschool Coloring Book - Coloring pages plus drawing journal pages.
Preschool Education - Lots of activities & ideas for preschoolers.
Printing Readiness - Free worksheets from which help children learn to write the shapes needed for writing. Five weeks of daily worksheets available. Age 3 - 6.
Scholastic - Lesson plans and activities for PreK-K kids. Also available for all other grades.
SEN Teacher - U.K. site for special education needs children, easily adaptable for younger children without special needs. Uses Flash plug-in, download info available at the site.
Sesame Workshop - From Sesame Street. Activities and games for the Sesame Street crowd. Also visit the the parents section "Fun To Go" for printables, coloring pages and other activities.
The Feltboard is Your Friend! - Information on how one mom made her own feltboard and used it with her preschooler. Uses are not limited to PreK, however. The feltboard can be used with all ages.
Under 5's - Nice site for lesson plans, worksheets, activities, etc. From the UK.
Week With Dr. Seuss - A week long unit study of Dr. Seuss books for K-2.

Reference ^return to top^ - Reference (Dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, encyclopedia, anatomy, KJV bible & more), verse, fiction & non-fiction. Searchable. Very helpful.
Christian Tech - *Christian* Webster's 1828 Dictionary online and searchable! A must for Christian homeschoolers, this is the original dictionary as Webster wrote it, based on the Bible.
Education Index - Guide to 3,000+ sites (with reviews & summaries) sorted by subject and age. - Field guides, habitat galleries, backyard and outdoor information.
Encarta - General reference.
Enchanted Learning Dictionary - Online picture dictionary for kids. 1,850 entries.
Fact Monster - Info on a wide variety of topics.
How Stuff Works - Several categories. Detailed explanations that kids can understand.
LibrarySpot - Large reference site to the best library and reference sites on the Web. Featured sites are hand-selected and reviewed by the site's staff.
World Book Scope & Sequence - Typical course of study for each grade, PreK-12th.  

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