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Written By: Jodi on November 2, 2008 No Comment

@heatheridoni I am home and a big ol’ cream filled flip donut is calling my name. Powdered sugar, too. Should be a huge yummy mess. # @tadahmom I see you! You’re on the air! # It’s warmer outside than I thought. I was overdressed when shopping today. It’s hard to get into buying winter clothes [...]

Written By: Jodi on November 1, 2008 No Comment

@aaronwebb Your vehicle with some leftover pizza made by your wife? # Doing Karaoke with my dh on the Wii. This is so embarrassing. Why did I rent this? # @aaronwebb So what you’re saying is that my suggestion was not helpful? # My husband is a karaoke cheater! But I still won. #

Written By: Jodi on October 29, 2008 No Comment

@compassion Do you have a link for more info on the Child Survival Program? My girl is in Tanzania. #

Written By: Jodi on October 27, 2008 No Comment

@MichaelValiant Thanks. I figured out a way to make it work, then didn’t need to use it anyway. Got the file size down <7 MB so all is well. #

Written By: Jodi on October 26, 2008 No Comment

@aaronwebb The wind blew our new grill halfway across the deck. It would have gone clear off the edge but some stuff on the deck stopped it. #

Written By: Jodi on October 25, 2008 No Comment

I’m supposed to be helping clean the garage. I’m still in my pajamas fighting with web issues. 1shoppingcart & file sizes are my nemesis. # I think I found a work-around for the shopping cart issue. Yay! I have to help clean the garage now. Boo! # Success on the web job I was working [...]

Written By: Jodi on October 24, 2008 No Comment

I was going to go to bed at a decent time tonight. Oops. I’m going now! # I’m getting frustrated with younger ds. This is supposed to be a short school day, but he is dragging things out unnecessarily. And whining. # Finally done with school for the day/week. Now for me to get to [...]

Written By: Jodi on October 22, 2008 No Comment

I hear rain. I’m going to take advantage of good sleeping conditions and go to bed now. I haven’t gone to bed this early in a long time. #

Written By: Jodi on October 21, 2008 No Comment

@webboy I was able to get to it without any problem via Mediacom. #

Written By: Jodi on October 20, 2008 No Comment

Finally done prepping for school this week. Didn’t mean to procrastinate, but being nearly electrocuted cut into my day. Must blog it later. #

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