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Mission: Self-Control

Written By: Jodi on January 24, 2008 One Comment
Organizational Baby Steps

I have this habit of working on ‘hidden’ clutter before tackling the more obvious clutter ( like the kids’ toys littering the living room and the pockets of disarray scattered around our home). I was up to my tricks again today as I finished filing the multitude of clipped and printed off recipes I’ve collected [...]

Written By: Jodi on January 14, 2008 One Comment

I needed to get groceries, specifically groceries that fit into the new nutrition plan I started today.  Yeah, I’m starting this exercise/nutrition thing that goes for 10 weeks, but wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about it so I hadn’t mentioned it yet.  Anyway…I needed ‘healthy’ food so off I went.  Most of the time [...]

Written By: Jodi on January 11, 2008 No Comment

Sadly, I have identified something in my life that is only adding to my urge to impulse buy and take advantage of ‘bargains’ that I do not need to add to my home.  This thing is the RSS feed from Dealighted.  This site collects posts from forums at Slickdeals, Gotta Deal, Fat Wallet and others [...]

Written By: Jodi on January 10, 2008 One Comment

For being such a timid person who is a recovering worrier, I’m pretty impulsive when it comes to buying things.  I see it, I like it, I want it, I justify it and I buy it.  Especially if it’s on sale. I have a very hard time passing up a ‘good deal’.  I put that [...]

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