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My Life as a Geek

Written By: Jodi on December 3, 2012 No Comment

Pass the smelling salts, it’s true. I found this great household management site recently and it’s been working really well for us. I even wrote a ‘tip’ for my friend’s newsletter, Homeschooler’s Notebook. Since it’s already written up, I thought I might as well share it here on my blog, too!   I have recently [...]

Written By: Jodi on February 23, 2008 One Comment

I was getting a little tired of my previous design and decided I needed to add a touch of spring to my life.  I’m so tired of winter!!  They tell you these templates are ready to go as-is, but that is rarely the case and I’ve spent a good part of my day making changes [...]

Written By: Jodi on January 31, 2008 7 Comments

Ok, I know, homeschool parents don’t exactly get time off for sick days, but I’m trying my best!  I have taken up an almost permanent position in the recliner with my laptop.  I have my pillows, blankets, pets and assorted cold remedies surrounding me. What’s a girl to do when she’s afraid to sleep and [...]

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