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I am BACK! No, really, I mean it this time. Cable guy just left and Internet is all patched up now. Not sure how I survived, it wasn’t easy. # AND all my Twitter peeps are back! This is a good day. # 389 items in my Google Reader. I just cleaned this out at [...]

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…and….it looks like we’re back! Unfortunately, I have nothing worthwhile to say. # My Internet went out *again* last night. It came back sometime this morning. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait until tomorrow for service. # Oh, and I’m currently waging World War XVII against the ants. This time they found their way [...]

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Finally! Internet out the whole day, it went out before I even got up this morning. Sheer torture! I almost ran out of things to clean. # @HeatherIdoni I’m back! I almost called you, I was having withdrawals so bad, but didn’t want to prove *somebody* right re: web addiction. # I don’t know what [...]

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Raspberry Buckle (with photos)

As promised, here is the recipe I used to make my Raspberry Buckle. For those who aren’t familiar with the term ‘buckle’, think coffee cake with fruit.  I’m happy to report that it did turn out nicely. I find red raspberries a bit too tart for me to LOVE them and I’m wondering if I [...]

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Very excited my friend @HeatherIdoni is now on Twitter! # @HeatherIdoni Yeah, you’d better play or I’ll just let you run out of time… # Doing a victory lap around @HeatherIdoni. Yeah, I won Scrabble, I sure did. #

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@webboy Our gazebo took a hit. One side down. At least it was the last year we were going to use it anyway. # The last day is missing from my Twitter feed. It goes from ‘about 23 hours ago’ to ’3 minutes ago’. I feel cheated. # @webboy I have no idea – stuff [...]

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My Week in Photos

THIS is not good: Gazebo damage In fact, it’s quite sad… Poor Gazebo! Added insult to injury: What is this?? Yeah, so that was quite a storm we had last night.  Fortunately we had already decided this was the last year we’d be using this gazebo as it was getting worn out. Between the damage [...]

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About to watch a movie with the hubby. I have no idea if it’ll be any good or not. # @webboy Allow me to introduce you to my friend, the umbrella. # I cut down a bunch of our spent raspberry canes. I’m not sure why I always choose the hottest time of day to [...]

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I really want my normal gmail interface back. Why did they take it? Where did it go? Will I ever see it again? # My standard Gmail is back! Hooray! # Watching last night’s Monk, the season premiere. # Got some knitting done, time for a break. #

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Waiting for the power to go out again. Thunder boomers right on top of us, but I think they are getting weaker. # New thing learned tonight – the laptop makes a really big flashlight when the power goes out, but is useful for little else. # Made a run to the mall for new [...]

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