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Addendum to earlier birthday post

Written By: Jodi on July 18, 2005 No Comment

I have been told that I should add this bit of the story. I thought I had humiliated myself enough in my previous post and could safely leave it out, but full disclosure has been requested, so here it goes. Yet another reason for your kids to be glad I’m not their mother.

Okay, so on the birthday cake were the 7 little candles, which you see in the photos in my previous post. What I didn’t tell you before was that I was a very mean mom and bought those candles that won’t go out. If you blow them out, they rekindle and burst to flame again. I’ve never used them before, but I’d seen others use them and it was kinda cute, so when I saw them at the store, I got some. I did this totally forgetting that my son has a hard enough time blowing out regular candles. For some reason he has control issues with his lips which make it a challenge, LOL. So anyway, those are the candles we had, so I had to use them and hope for the best. Well, first of all, they make a really big flame (which you can see in the one photo). Second of all, they spark. That was not expected. They also burn down really fast and drip a lot of wax. It was probably fortunate that I had them in the cake almost horizontal or we would have had wax all over the cake.

So my son is huffing and puffing away (after his first reaction of standing about 4 feet away with fear in his eyes), having no effect on the candles other than causing a small flicker. My younger son gets in on the act and he can’t get any to go out either. I’m laughing and snapping pictures in my heartless way. As I see the flames are getting dangerously close to the cake because the candles are burning down so fast, I run and get a cup of water. My husband has to blow the candles out and then I have to quickly grab what little bit of waxy part is left and toss the candles into the cup of water one by one. Of course I wasn’t going fast enough and they were re-lighting before I could get them all pulled out, so he had to blow a couple out more than once. But eventually, all flames were doused and nobody was injured in the process.

So you see, I am a cruel (and not altogether intelligent) mom. I would like to state in my defense that I really did forget that he has trouble with blowing. And I had no way of knowing these would be super-charged fast burning, sparking candles. For the record, there were also 3 grandparents in close proximity who offered no assistance whatsoever – 2 of whom were snapping pictures of their own! My son doesn’t seem to have been traumatized by it…but I suppose the imaginary budget for his ‘future therapy’ fund should be increased, just in case.

And that’s all I’m going to tell you. I have admitted MORE than enough of my failings already. My humiliation is complete. I hope you all appreciate my transparency, especially since I try so hard to act like I have it all together and know what I’m doing. But you all know different by now, don’t you?

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