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Craft Area Cleaning Spree

Written By: Jodi on February 6, 2007 No Comment

I was motivated to clean up my craft area because my mother-in-law wanted me to help her with some scrapbooking. I haven’t had my area in a workable state for some time. My husband got these leftover cubicle parts from work so we now have 2 cubbies in our basement office. While he was setting up his side, mine became the dumping ground. So for the first hour and a half or so, I was just getting the stuff out that didn’t belong there. Then I remembered I was going to take a “Before” picture. So these first couple are taken really at about the halfway point in the process.

Craft Room - before (A)
Counter side

Craft Room - before (B)
Desk side

Quite a mess, huh? I have way too much stuff, most of which I don’t use on a regular basis. But you just never know when you’re going to need some jingle bells or potpourri or velcro or ribbon or… so I keep it all. Which I think is ok, as long as I actually have somewhere to keep these precious commodities.

So…I made it look like this:

Craft Room - after (A)
Counter side

Craft Room - after (B)
Desk side

Much better! But do you see the problem with this set-up? I don’t really have very much work space. Considering the large desk and counter tops, I really thought I’d wind up with more. So a quick remodel was needed. I put the wire shelves back on the floor. Not my optimal set-up because my paper is in there vertically instead of horizontally, but it’ll do for now. I’ll have to tear down and rebuild these shelves to get the paper going the right direction again.

Craft Room - after (C)

Moving the pictures over to the newly enlarged desk top created much more counter space to work at, also. If I can find another spot for the fax machine, I’ll really be in business.

Craft Room - after (D)

My next step is to begin moving things from cardboard boxes to clear storage bins. I bought some today, so I can hopefully do that soon. I’ll update the shots when that is taken care of. :-)


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