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I guess I forgot…

Written By: Jodi on May 12, 2007 No Comment

…to take pictures of my growing seeds. Well, the week wait wasn’t necessary as they started sprouting after only 2 days. The sunflowers grew very quickly and were soon too tall to keep the lid on the ‘greenhouse’ at all. I’ve planted many of the sunflowers and alyssum along with a couple of the lavender plants. The rest I left outside in the tray to adjust to the weather, etc. Much to my surprise, after only 2 days all of those plants not put into the ground have dried up and died! ACK! Now, I would be even more upset about this, but if you’ll recall, I did keep out 1/3 of the pots for use later in case something went wrong. Something went wrong, LOL. So I’m going to replant some lavender and violas at a minimum, since I lost most of those, and then decide if I want to start anything else from my seed packets inside. It worked so well, I was amazed! I think only one pot didn’t germinate at all and most of the others had several sprouts.

Now here is the bad news for the plants I transplanted into the ground. They haven’t dried out, but the bunnies have found them. We put the sunflowers in 2 different beds, and the rabbits have totally destroyed the ones in one bed. So far they don’t seem to have noticed the other bed, but I’m wondering how long that will last. So I think I need to go pick up some chicken wire or something to keep the little varmints out temporarily. I assume I can take any fencing down once the plants are strong enough to survive any bunny attacks. Does anybody have any other bunny deterrent ideas for me that won’t actually kill the little critters?

Note to my backyard rabbit population: I do love me some bunnies, but stay away from my plants!! There are plenty of delicious weeds out there for your dining pleasure and that was NOT a bunny salad bar that I was planting out there. I’m sure you think I was very considerate and kind to put the new delicacies out for you, but you entirely miss my intentions there. Stick to the dandelions and creeping charlie and I won’t evict you from under the back deck. Do we have a deal?

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