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My 100th Entry on HSB!

Written By: Jodi on September 24, 2007 No Comment

I just happened to look as I was signing in and it says I’ve made 99 entries at HSB, so I guess this will be #100. Wow, it seems like I blog so infrequently, how did I get that many posts? Apparently I don’t remember all the stuff I write. :-)

So, again, it has been awhile since I last posted. I tell ya, life has just gone crazy. Granted, some of it is due to choices I’ve made, but other things have been going on, too.

The kittens are getting big now, especially Chase. Cats just live for food, don’t they? They come running whenever they hear food, even if it isn’t theirs. They like to steal food from the dog. Of course, the dog steals their food, too. I’m about to start feeding them each others food to start with. We’re working on getting the basement in enough shape so we can let the cats go down there. It is mostly finished, but the playroom is down there with all the little toys that the boys leave out and that the cats like to ‘play’ with. We also have an office, exercise area, laundry room…lots of places for curious kitties to get into trouble. I think I’m going to give it another once over, then let them go and just deal with any issues as they come up. I can’t possibly think of everything they might get into. And, quite frankly, I want my 1st floor half bath back! Their litter box is in there and that is where they stay at night and when we are gone. It’s really stinking up the joint! So they are being evicted VERY soon. They can earn their keep by getting the spider population under control downstairs.

My husband was offered a permanent position at the place he’s been a ‘temporary consultant’ for. He’s been there for a few weeks and was hoping he’d be able to stay. They did approach him about a permanent situation and offered him the salary he wanted, so it’s a go! I can really tell how much I’ve changed over the last year or so. I wasn’t worried at all about him finding a new job when he left the last one. I really felt that he would be offered a job where he is now and even if he didn’t, that just meant there was something better in store. This job isn’t perfect, but I think he’ll enjoy it and we’ll be able to loosen the belt just a little bit now that we’ll have a bit more security in that area. If this had happened even a year ago, I probably would have totally freaked out. I’m in such a different (better!) place now.

(Sidenote: It’s really hard to type when there is a persistent cat wanting your attention.)

What else? Oh yes, I got a guitar! I’ve been wanting to learn to play for a long time now. I was trying to decide between violin and guitar and decided a guitar was just more practical. So after the place I ordered from didn’t send it and didn’t send it, I called and switched what I ordered and had it in less than 48 hours! So now I’m trying to callous up my tender little fingers and practicing pretty much every day. I think I have about 5 chords down fairly well and I can play a few songs. :-) Hey! Skip-to-my-Lou and Jingle Bells are songs!! I’m having fun with it – even though I did NOT need another ‘project’ taking up time in my life. Still working on that balance thing.

I think that’s about enough for this post. I have another one to write, but I’ll keep that separate.

I did want to share this little picture and story with you, though. I think it’s the cutest thing!

The picture alone is sweet enough, but the story is gooey, too. I’ll summarize, but you can see more of the story here, if you like. Basically, this little macaque monkey was abandoned by his mother and nursed back to health at an animal hospital. But he wasn’t very perky or happy. Then a fellow patient, a pigeon, became his friend and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Isn’t that cute?? I wonder how long it will last. Talk about an odd couple, but that picture just does something to me. (“No, Jodi, you may NOT add a monkey to your menagerie!”, says the inner voice of reason.)

Okay, I need to get my other entry posted so that’s it for now.

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