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My ‘baby’ had a birthday today

Written By: Jodi on February 13, 2007 No Comment

Happy Birthday to Mommy’s little snuggle bug. Yup, my little guy is now 6 years old. That sounds so old…and yes, I can hear those whose ‘babies’ are 17 years old laughing at me. But for myself…6 seems very old. It’s probably because he’s smaller than average that it’s especially difficult for me to grasp, but the calendar doesn’t lie. We now get to file homeschool forms for him come the next school year and be ‘official’ with tests and what-not. The thought is daunting after being so used to concentrating on one child’s schooling for so long, but I guess the time had to come eventually. Again, those with 10 kids, quit snickering at me!!

The poor kid gets a raw deal almost every year. Having a birthday in February is not always a great thing in a northern climate. For instance, this year my husband is sick, my dad is sick and we had a big snowstorm last night and today. So he got to open his presents from us today but we had to postpone his party until Friday night and hopefully everyone will be well then. He was actually fine with it, better than I thought he would be. He’s saying that he is glad today is his birthday and that on Friday he’ll have his ‘real’ birthday. I tried to explain that he had it kind of backwards, but in his mind it’s not a real birthday until you blow the candles out on your cake and that will happen on Friday. He’s excited about his party. I must explain that in our case the word ‘party’ is used pretty loosely. It basically involves grandparents and cake – we’re not having a kids party or anything. Again, it’s just so hard to get everybody healthy and have good weather and get everyone’s schedules to align, so our kids are pretty used to our meager celebrations by now.

I guess that’s about it for today. I’m very tired and need to get some sleep. I’ve been burning the midnight (and 1 am and 2 am and 3 am…) oil for too many nights in a row now. I wish I could get by with no sleep – I’d be able to get so much done. But, alas, I cannot. Does anybody have some extra hours in their day they’d be willing to give me?


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