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Reluctant Writer

Written By: Jodi on March 22, 2007 No Comment

I’ve decided that I’ve been remiss in not having my 3rd grade son do some creative writing. Frankly, I’ve been busy concentrating on trying to improve his horrific handwriting, but that’s not going so well. He is so stubborn (wonder where he gets that from) and doesn’t like to take my oh, so helpful advice on the matter. My plan now is to have him get his handwriting practice through writing his own stories. He’s a natural at this – he is always making up little stories to entertain his little brother and they are forever acting out their imaginary battles and such. He actually did a pretty good job with little complaint yesterday. Then came today. He took 15 minutes to look through our 2 story starter resources before declaring that he’d rather just do practice sentences. *sigh* These are good story starters, too. His little brother even started writing his own story from one of them (on the computer since I haven’t started handwriting with him much yet).

I was really hoping this wouldn’t turn into another subject that we’d have to tussle over. I was sure he would enjoy doing it – I still think he will. But I’m not sure how to get HIM to realize this. I’m afraid to even bring up the topic of book reports, his reaction will be quite fierce, I’m sure.

And yes, I do realize I’m the mom here. I’m not letting him walk all over me, he does have to get his work done rather he feels like it or not. It’s his time he’s wasting when he fiddles around and refuses to get busy. But I also want him to enjoy these things – like I do. Yes, I admit it, I am a bit sensitive about this because these are things I personally enjoy. But he is so much like me and I do know him very well – if he would give it a chance and not treat it like torture, I am sure he would enjoy it.


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