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The Latest Birthday Cake

Written By: Jodi on February 26, 2007 No Comment

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that my little guy turned 6. As is our tradition, I decorated up a cake for him. I decided that I’d be brave and attempt a 2-layer cake, which I haven’t done in AGES. With good reason. But not being one to shy away from a creative challenge, I forged ahead on this little experiment.

First of all, let me just say that although I have not taken any cake decorating classes (which will be evident as you view the photo), I do know some of the ‘rules’. One of the things they like you to do is cut your cakes to make them even – cut the round top off, even up the sides, etc. Well, I’m not one to waste cake (!!!), so I did not do that. Therefore, I have a bit of an uneven, lumpy looking cake. I may have to give in to the ‘rules’ on the next one, but that explains the less than even look here.

My son chose Funfetti cake and frosting. I really don’t love the taste of canned frosting and I had a feeling it would not really be enough to frost and decorate the cake anyway. So I made up a batch of my tried and true decorator’s frosting. To appease him, I used the sprinkles from the Funfetti frosting on top and he was completely happy.

He requested red. So I put little red dots around the bottom and the top. I used a coupler and tip from my Cake Class kit, which I purchased but have never used. I really need to get to a class one of these days! I managed to get that done without any major catastrophes. Then he requested that I put a “6″ on top of his cake. He had already chosen to have a 6 candle instead of 6 individual candles. I realize the colors don’t match, but he wanted red, not purple, no matter what color the candle was. *sigh* So i put on his big red 6 and sprinkled the Funfetti candies on top. Not one to leave well enough alone, I decided it would be fun to try to write his name on the cake, too. I really don’t know what gets into me. But it turned out pretty good, which is surprising considering I’d never done it before. And he really liked that added touch.

Below, you can see my very goofy 6 year old showing his excitement about his cake. Will those 2 front teeth ever come in? Will his mother ever give him a haircut? “Hopefully”, and “I have now”, are the answers to those questions. :-)

Happy Birthday, little guy!
Oh, and the cake was delish. Like…really, really good. I wish I had some now.

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