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Time for a change

Written By: Jodi on November 2, 2007 No Comment

My blog has always been at Homeschoolblogger, but since I’m no longer on staff there, I decided I’d like to try having my blog on my own site. I don’t want to lose my readership at HSB, so I’ll continue posting there and also post here for the time being. Most of the posts will be almost identical so whichever location you find them at, you won’t be missing out on much.

To get some content up quickly for any new visitors to read, I’ve copied over some recent and not so recent posts from my HSB blog. Please comment! I’d love to know if people are finding my blog here and what you think of it. I’m moderating comments right now until I get a feel for how spammy this will get, but I will get your comments posted as soon as I’m able.

I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our life and are perhaps blessed by something you read here from time to time!

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