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Winter Storm Extraordinairre (as told in pictures)

Written By: Jodi on February 26, 2007 No Comment

My apologies to those on dial-up. I got a bit snap-happy with the ol’ digital camera so this page will take a little bit of time to load. I hope you find it to be worth it!

So, we finally got nailed with a winter storm again. It’s been awhile and this one was a doozy.

First we had a lot of rain. Which began to freeze and turn into a lot of ice on Saturday afternoon.

Ice on trees:

Icy trees
Ice on normally safe walking surfaces:

Icy deck

Yeah, the dog really loved that. Heh heh. “Fletcher, wanna go out-sLide?” Oh, and we can’t forget the hail storms – yes, that is plural. Pea-sized goodness that sounds like artillery fire as it bounces off your metal chimney cap.

Here is how it looked Saturday night at about 10:30 after snow fell for a while, then stopped. The only light is coming from through our sliding glass doors. This is what it’s like in our backyard when there’s snow to reflect the street lights and such. Kind of eerie, isn’t it?

snow at night

The next morning, we found that the snow wasn’t over last night and we now had this to contend with:

snowy backyard

Fir trees aren’t supposed to look like this at the top, are they?

tree tops

Of course, the boys had to bundle up and go out to play. What is it with my kids that they love to lay down in the snow?? Thank you Grandma for bringing over snow pants for the little guy!!

crazy boy
another crazy boy
Poor puppy! He thinks he’s a mini-Malamute and he wanted to be outside playing in the snow with the boys SO bad. He was whining and crying at the window the whole time they were out. But he manages to get so much snow packed in his fur that we have to give him a warm bath to get it all off, and I just wasn’t in the mood – so he didn’t get to go out this time. Yes, I am mean.

Poor puppy

This morning, I got this shot of one of our trees. So pretty, like jewels are hanging off of it! It was really lovely this morning with the blue sky. Sadly, it’s clouded over again now and they’re forecasting more snow over the next few days. I guess we’re getting all of winter at once this year.

Yo!  My tree's got bling!
And here is the only damage we’ve seen, which is pretty amazing, considering. Our next door neighbor’s tree split like a banana peel and then fell down next to our garage later. Our trees seem to be springing back pretty well already, but if we get another heavy snow there could still be more casualties.

Broken tree
Fortunately we weren’t inconvenienced by the storm more than having church canceled, needing to shovel and the usual. A lot of people around here lost power due to breakage (again I am thankful for underground power lines!!!) and had other issues to contend with. I’m glad that we could mostly enjoy the event – it was perfect knitting weather! ;-)

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