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I believe… (not what you’re expecting)

Written By: Jodi on December 22, 2008 4 Comments

No, this is not a Santa Claus post.  It’s not even a Jesus post.  This, my friends, is a bit of a Christmas rant.  After a few weeks of shopping online and in stores, waiting for deliveries and wrapping gifts, I have a few things I believe that I want to get off my chest.

  • I believe…that all products that might have even the slightest possibility of becoming a gift be packaged in squares or rectangles.  These blister packs with bumps coming out all over are murder to wrap and I think they should just knock it off.
  • I believe…that all wrapping paper should have cutting grids printed on the back side.  I had some like that once upon a time and it was awesome.  I can’t cut straight unless I have a guide.  Give me some guidance!
  • I believe…that Amazon should refund the difference when a price decreases within, say, a week after I buy an item.  No, I don’t want to pay extra if the price goes up. I just want to stop having that feeling that I have failed because I only saved 37% on an item that is now 39% off.  I hate that.
  • I believe…that Christmas light manufacturs should provide free technical support at my home.  Send somebody over here to figure out what one light in my string is making the whole thing not work.  Seriously.  This happens to me every year on different strings, even new ones, and quite frankly I’m not amused.
  • I believe…that hot cider and/or hot cocoa serving cups should have heat activated color-coding so we can tell if it’s comfortingly warm or tooth enamel meltingly hot.  Every time I try to drink a hot Christmas drink I end up with 3rd degree burns on my tongue and can’t taste anything for the rest of the day. And that’s just wrong in this season of sweets and treats.
  • I believe…that there should be a special wrapping paper tape that will only stick to paper – not carpet, hair, clothing, hard-surface flooring, walls, doors, socks, pets or itself. Is that really asking so much?
  • I believe…that those candy cane shaped tubes of M&M’s that we used to get for Christmas as kids should not cost over $3.00.  What, are there like 2 packages worth in there, and you’re charging me 3 times as much as they’d cost if they weren’t in the tube?  That sure is some expensive plastic.
  • I believe…that pre-lit trees should be legally mandated so my husband will let me get one and I can save about 3 hours each year of contorting myself to get strings of lights on and off the tree.
  • I believe…that the postal service should track packages online as well as UPS and FedEx do. I want to know when my holiday purchases are going to arrive, regardless of who is delivering it. I’m still waiting for 2 packages that should have been here last week and I have no idea where they are or if they’ll get here before Christmas.  Give me GPS coordinates on them or something.

I think that’s about it for now.  I really am enjoying the Christmas season despite these little hiccups and hope all of you are too.  Please share some of the things you believe about this season in the comments!

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4 Responses to “I believe… (not what you’re expecting)”

  1. Joy says on: 22 December 2008 at 2:46 pm

    You are such a nut! BUT I do have to say…I agree with your beliefs! Cute post sistah!

  2. gina says on: 22 December 2008 at 5:34 pm

    Lol! I stay out of most of it :) but I am going to a bookstore tomorrow:)

  3. Jodi says on: 22 December 2008 at 8:11 pm

    YESSSS!!! I’m so excited and it’s not even me! I’m just happy that 2 of the best people I know are going to meet. You’ll have to tell me all about the mill and bookstore and everything since I’ve never seen them. Ooh – take pictures! :-)

    I’m happy to report that your house is still there. I’m keeping an eye on it for you. :-)

  4. Heather says on: 22 December 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Pictures!!??? Don’t tell her THAT!! Now I have to get there at 6 am and clean the place up. — Oh, no… can’t do that… that would spoil the artistic ambience… hmmm….

    Great post, Jo-DEE. :-)

    I might share it with friends via email once I clean up the typos and grammatical errors. (just kidding)


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