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Knitting Show Off

Written By: Jodi on July 4, 2008 One Comment

As I was reading my Wonder Woman neighbor Gina’s blog today, I realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of my knitting projects here.  At least I don’t think so.  Forgive me if I have and I duplicate anything.  I haven’t been knitting all that long, but I enjoy it and have done quite a bit.

Here are some of my favorite projects from the last year or so:

Cell phone hoodie
I didn’t want my cell phone to get cold, so I made it a little hoodie.

This was the first felted bag I made.  I use it as a purse.

This is a bunny I made for a friend’s baby.  The body is actually just a square folded and seamed to make it the right shape.

This is a bunny I made for another friend’s baby.  I guess I was on a bunny making kick.

Some baby booties.

More booties. :-)

Baby blanket – the pattern is called “Angel Baby”.

Baby sweater (fuzzy picture of a fuzzy sweater).

I have another felted purse that is what I use now, but apparently I never took a picture of it.  I guess I should do that. And yes, my friends have all been having babies lately!  Baby girls, every last one of them.  Hooray for an excuse to have some pink in my life. :-)

So that’s what I have to share today.  Maybe I’ll share some other items another time. I need to remember to take pictures of things when I finish them.  Usually I’m so excited to move on to the next thing, I forget.

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One Response to “Knitting Show Off”

  1. Gina says on: 4 July 2008 at 8:10 pm

    omg, you didn’t tell me you were super awesome at knitting! You are so in trouble now… I am going to be asking you for help like all the time until I get the hang of it. I was going to look on you-tube to find some tutorials. I found a few on how to make diapers, so I am sure there are some out there on how to knit:) Maybe I will just come over and harvest your berries for you some time;)

    Dude, I am so not wonder woman today… I am so tired! I had been doing good until this week and now I am suddenly feeling really really pregnant.

    Oh, and I didn’t remember what you said about the 18th, will that work for you?

    Okay, enough comments… talk to you later!

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