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Oh, where to begin…

Written By: Jodi on February 22, 2008 One Comment

I keep putting off writing an entry because there’s so much to say. I’ve decided it might be easier to just pour it all out in one post and get it over with.

So, this has been an up and down week and a half or so. We celebrated my younger son’s 7th birthday (7!?!). That’s a bit traumatic for me. He is still 5 in my mind and I can’t seem to get a grip on the fact that my ‘baby’ is growing up so fast. I made him an Oreo birthday cake for his family party and he enjoyed his birthday a lot.

My best friend’s baby was due the same day. Two days after that, she found out that the baby’s heart had stopped beating. We prayed for a miracle, but little Hallel was stillborn 2 days later, on Sunday the 17th. We live in different states and it was almost unbearable for me not to be able to be there for her in person. I cried my tears here, feeling so powerless to do anything helpful. But God has been so amazing in His gentle treatment of her and in sending many tender mercies her way through all of this. And she has been so amazing, making sure I know what’s going on, sending me pictures and helping me feel like I am there, sharing this with her. She is such a testimony to me.

Monday we took my older son to an orthopedic surgeon to look at his legs. He walks on his tip-toes almost all the time and is unable to stand flat on his feet without discomfort. The whole thing was a bit traumatic and scary for him (he is our ultra-sensitive child). He had to have x-rays taken and since there wasn’t anything obvious there, the doctor ordered 2 MRI’s to rule out any more serious neurological or spinal causes. So we have to take my son to his regular doctor on Monday to clear him for sedation and then take him very early on Wednesday for the MRI’s. They prefer not to knock him out completely (and I prefer that too!) but he’s such a nervous child, they may have to if he can’t hold still. 45 minutes is a long time to lay not moving in a big machine! My husband probably can’t stay with us, so I’m praying that I handle things well – and of course that our son comes through with flying colors and that there is nothing ‘major’ going on.

Considering all of this, I thought it wise to reschedule the orthodontist consultation we had scheduled for him the day after the MRI. Poor kid, he’s really getting hammered lately.

And don’t even get me started on the weather. LOL

I’m probably forgetting something, but I think that’s more than enough for tonight.

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One Response to “Oh, where to begin…”

  1. Melonie (Momma and More) says on: 5 March 2008 at 5:10 pm

    Ugh – I’m sorry to hear about your BF’s loss. That must be so hard on her and her family! :-(

    I can’t believe your son is 7 now – my daughter will be 7 in April. WHERE did those babies GO????? *sigh* I’m relishing every moment my boy will snuggle and have his bottle these days – he’s already 8 months!!! Scary.

    I hope the MRI goes well and they don’t have to knock him out completely – I can only imagine how freaked out I would be though, so I can’t say as I blame him!!! I’ll be thinking of him on orthodontist day – having had braces, bleah, that just makes me think back. LOL

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