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Our First Letter From Selina

Written By: Jodi on May 9, 2008 2 Comments

We got our first letter from our Compassion Child, Selina a few days ago. So exciting!  It was written on March 14, which was only about a week after we became her sponsors.  Pretty fast!  She answered some of the questions I asked her before she even got our first letter.  It looks like it takes about 8 weeks for the letters to get from her to us and, I assume, from us to her.

We’ve learned that she has one older sister and 2 younger sisters.  And a duck.  :-)   She likes to count and write at school.  We also got some drawings that she did – very good for such a young child!  I’m going to send her some coloring pages.  She draws and colors better than my boys do!  She also wants to know when I will come visit her.  Uhhhhh… that would be very cool but at this point I don’t really see that happening.  But you never know what God has in store, right?

It’s just so neat to hear from her.  We’re going to put together a notebook to keep her letters in and also some information about Tanzania as a ready reference.  We’re still working on the Swahili!

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2 Responses to “Our First Letter From Selina”

  1. Gina Webb says on: 13 May 2008 at 12:03 am

    Aw! That is so awesome. Are you really learning Swahili? That would be pretty neat. That is so cute she wants to know when you are coming to visit. So, when’s the big trip? I will take care of your pets while you are away;)

  2. Jodi says on: 14 May 2008 at 10:57 am

    While I appreciate the offer of pet baby-sitting :-) , there is this little problem of actually physically getting to Africa…which would involve airplane flight. Then there is the fact that I am a huge mosquito magnet and there is the malaria deal. Not impossible to overcome and sometimes I do think of it as a serious possibility, but it also seems so crazy to even consider. I don’t know, LOL.

    Yes, we are really learning some Swahili. Me more than the boys. Mostly we’re learning individual words – the phrases get tricky. They’ll combine a whole sentence into one word and I’m not that adept at it yet. So far I’m working on very basic words (family members, greetings, numbers, etc.)that I think I might be able to work into my letters to her. I’ve also found at least one error in the translation from Swahili in the letter I got from her, so I might try translating it myself – that’s probably a good exercise for learning, anyway.

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