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Written By: Jodi on March 15, 2008 No Comment

I have this habit of blogging about things that are going to happen and then forgetting to post about how they turned out. So I’ll try to tie up some loose ends here and hopefully I won’t forget any.

  1. Lapbooking and Notebooking presentation for our homeschool group – This went pretty well. My co-presenter and I have different approaches (I’m all about colored paper and customization and she is all about simple, easy and basic), so we were a good match. We didn’t have nearly enough time to cover both lapbooking and notebooking (and mini-offices, for that matter), but we tried! I had an outline of things to cover and we didn’t use it much at all – we just kind of went with the flow and answered questions. If anyone is interested in seeing some of what we were teaching about lapbooks, you can see my page on lapbooking here. :-)
  2. My son’s MRI – He did have to be sedated for the MRIs. This wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be and he’s actually glad that’s how it worked out because he wasn’t scared that way. Well, once the iv was in. That was an ordeal. The worst part was getting the bill – it was almost 3 times as much as I’d been led to believe it would be. And we get to pay most of it out-of-pocket. Ouch. But the good news is that it ruled out any neurological or spinal conditions and he got a completely clean report. The next step is getting approval from the insurance company for leg braces that he will wear at night to stretch out the tendons in his calves to where they should be. Homeschooling bonus: I was able to save copies of his x-ray images on my computer for future use in science lessons. How many people get to use their own body for anatomy?!?
  3. Our Compassion child – We got our packet this week, so we’re officially official. There wasn’t a lot of additional information in it, but we are able to write to her now. I’ll be doing that very soon. I’ve been learning some Swahili, which is fun! It’s an interesting language. It’s fun to say “good night”. Lala salama! From what I can tell, the words for airplane and bird are the same – ndege. That’s fun to say, too. I don’t have a lot of need for this knowledge in everyday life, but I tend to make a habit of storing information with limited use in my noggin. Every once in awhile it comes in handy or at least surprises people.
  4. My exercise program – I’m about to the end of my 10 week program. We have final testing next week. I’m testing early so that will be next Wednesday night. I did see improvement at my 5 week evaluation, although I haven’t really lost weight. I have lost inches and I can tell that I have more energy and endurance. So I would say I’m more ‘fit’ even if it doesn’t really look like it so much. I’m not sure how the testing will go this week. I don’t feel like I’ve improved as much in this 2nd five weeks, but we’ll see. I did my own mile walk/run test this week and I took a couple minutes off of my time, so that was better. I’m opting out of the group run because my legs just can’t take it. I think I have issues with my calves, too, and I simply can’t do a lot of running or even fast walking without serious pain, even after all this exercise I’ve been doing. And I’m fine with that. There are plenty of other things I can do with pretty much the same results. I’ll try to remember to report in with my final numbers next week.
  5. Mission: Self-Control is going pretty well. I don’t think I’ve really bought too much ‘extra’ stuff. I try not to look too closely at the ads in the newspaper and delete the ones I get via e-mail without even looking at them, most of the time. Removing that temptation has helped a lot. I’m still working on clearing out the accumulated ‘stuff’. Our spring cleanup day is coming up soon and hopefully I’ll have a lot to put at the curb that day!

I think that’s about it. Feel free to remind me, my faithful handful of readers, if I’ve forgotten anything.


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