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Somebody stop me!

Written By: Jodi on February 19, 2008 One Comment

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but today I decided I want another pet.  Not just any pet…a Robo Hamster.  Never heard of a Robo Hamster?  I hadn’t either until we went to Petco to get some cat food.  Yes, food for the cats we’ve had for less than a year that live with the dog we’ve had for a couple years…apparently I feel the need to add to our menagerie every year or so.  And that’s not even mentioning the freshwater AND saltwater fish we have.

But back to the adorable Robo Hamster.  They were so cute!  So tiny.  Dainty little tails. LOVE THEM.  Here, see for yourself.



See?  Adorable!  And they were maybe 3 inches long.  I just wanted to put them in my pocket and bring them home.  They remind me of miniature chinchillas – another animal I’d love to have but know my husband would never go for.  They don’t have the chinchilla tail but other than that, they look similar to me.

I even went so far as to look at hamster cages, hamster food, hamster hideaways and…get this…there are hamster litter boxes!  Yes, hamsters can be litter trained.  Who knew?

Besides the obvious issues of existing pets, including cats who would see a hamster and think, “Mouse! Must eat!”, there is my little ‘no unneeded purchases’ pact.  And the “Are you crazy?” husband reaction, which I am sure I will get.  I also did some research and apparently these little critters are extremely fast so if they get away from you, you can plan on spending the rest of the day trying to get them caught again.  They are usually not thrilled with being held and it takes quite awhile to tame them.  Although they supposedly don’t bite often, I have seen several reports of biting.  Basically, not a great pet for people who like to hold their pets or don’t want to spend a lot of time taming them…I should cross it off my list right now.  But I still want one!  Or two, actually, because they are social and do better with a pal.  They are very active and fun to watch.

Somebody please bring me to my senses.  Or at least tell me a good kind of hamster to get that is also very cute. I had a teddy bear hamster when I was a kid, maybe I should see if anybody has those available.  Oh wait, I still haven’t cleared this with my dh.  And, seriously, I do NOT see that happening.  *sigh*  What gets into me, anyway?!?

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One Response to “Somebody stop me!”

  1. Melonie (Momma and More) says on: 5 March 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Don’t do it, girl. I had gerbils when I was a kid and I just have one thing to say:

    Lost gerbils found after 48 hours of searching. One found alive eating its way through a poster tube. The other? Well, let’s just say there were two in the tube.

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