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Time to spruce up my blog

Written By: Jodi on February 23, 2008 One Comment

I was getting a little tired of my previous design and decided I needed to add a touch of spring to my life.  I’m so tired of winter!!  They tell you these templates are ready to go as-is, but that is rarely the case and I’ve spent a good part of my day making changes so it works for me.  Good thing I have some experience in that area.  I’m not totally done yet (am I ever??), but I think it’s looking pretty cool.

I hope everybody enjoys the change!

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One Response to “Time to spruce up my blog”

  1. Melonie (Momma and More) says on: 5 March 2008 at 5:12 pm

    I LOVE IT! When you gonna give me a makeover? lol

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