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Today’s Deprivation

Written By: Jodi on January 11, 2008 No Comment

Sadly, I have identified something in my life that is only adding to my urge to impulse buy and take advantage of ‘bargains’ that I do not need to add to my home.  This thing is the RSS feed from Dealighted.  This site collects posts from forums at Slickdeals, Gotta Deal, Fat Wallet and others and kindly sends them all to my RSS feed reader.  The majority of the items I look at each day come from this source.  I am tempted several times a day by a plethora of Amazon daily deals, free samples, $ off offers and the like.  This is NOT good for my Mission: Self-Control!  I have gotten some really good deals that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise…but other than Christmas gifts, I’m pretty sure the majority were not NEEDS but ‘well, it’s free (or a really good buy) so I might as well…’ items.

So, I have made the very difficult decision to unsubscribe from this feed.  Besides helping to cut down on the temptation to add clutter, it will also save me some money (you have to spend $ to get $ off) and a huge amount of time.  There are literally hundreds of posts some days and I scroll through them all and click on too many.  For the time being, I am cutting this out of my daily routine.  I can always search the sites if I have a genuine need to see if there are any deals to be had on a specific item, but the ‘power-of-suggestion’ feed is now being cut off.  So long, good friend – you have served me well.  A little too well.

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