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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-15

Written By: Jodi on July 15, 2008 No Comment
  • Started a game of Scrabble online, but I’m dozing off between plays. How rude of me. #
  • Sugar infusion via bite-sized cherry Twizzlers saves the day. I’m enjoying a small lead in the game. #
  • Scrabble results: no comment. #
  • Getting ready to do the ‘ol switcheroo to WordPress 2.6. I want to make sure my 3 readers know I’m hip and cool and right on top of things. #
  • Woot : http://tinyurl.com/5pyub I wonder if these things work. Or if anybody else is reminded of fondue pots from the early 70′s. #
  • Got WP 2.6 loaded without too much trouble other than losing my api key on one add-on.Updated several add-ons while I was at it. Seems good. #
  • Still haven’t done school today and the kids are outside shooting each other with their new water guns. Should have bought one for myself. #
  • @webboy I think you needed more excitement in your life right now. You just don’t have enough going on. </sarcasm> #
  • My son wants brownies for his birthday again – no cake. He wants to do the decorating himself, thankfully. It’s hard to decorate brownies! #
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