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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-16

Written By: Jodi on July 16, 2008 No Comment
  • @webboy I don’t know how you guys do that. I go out for the mail and come back sweaty. I currently have the a/c AND 2 fans going. #
  • Making it an early night tonight. Early for me, anyway. If I could I’d stay up til about 2 and sleep til 10. Sadly, my kids are early birds. #
  • Waiting for my house to clean itself. So far, no luck. #
  • Need a shopping cart that can handle physical products as well as digital downloads over 15 MB in size, Paypal @ direct cc’s. Suggestions? #
  • @webboy WP as in for a blog? I need it for a publisher’s retail site. Currently using 1shoppingcart.com but file size limit is killing us. #
  • @webboy Woohoo! #
  • Just sent 9 shopping cart possibilities to the site owner. Hopefully some are actually viable. #
  • Watching The Muppet Show with Leo Sayer. My memory of him is vague, but that dude is weird on here. I’m sure he would cringe to see it now. #
  • Don’t tell me “The Muppet Show” isn’t educational. I had no idea Leo Sayer was British and now I do. My brain is just slightly larger now. #
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