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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-17

Written By: Jodi on July 17, 2008 No Comment
  • Correcting the names and punctuation on my music files. Yes I should be cleaning. This is PhD level avoidance here. #
  • @webboy Ooh! We’ll bring our swimming suits! Hahahahahahaha #
  • I need to go to bed but I’m stalling because when I get up it will be my baby’s 10th birthday. Very traumatic for me. Tears already. Waaah! #
  • Celebrating my son’s 10th birthday! We have a few surprises in store for him. Should be fun! #
  • Took the birthday boy to see Wall-E. Now I’m eating brownie batter while he’s gone with his dad to get ice cream and maybe a Wii rental. #
  • @webboy What is this .me of which you speak? Do I need one? (Like I *need* any of this stuff!) #
  • @webboy NVM, I see. I do NOT need one. Perhaps if the brain was functioning today I could think of something clever to make it worthwhile. #
  • @journey2learn Yes! Wall-E was very cute. All the kids in the audience seemed to be enjoying it – yelling “Wall-E!” and “Eev-eh!”. :-) #
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