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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-26

Written By: Jodi on July 26, 2008 No Comment
  • @webboy No, we’ve had cable the whole time, it just went out and had to be fixed. At least now I know how to connect at the library! #
  • I watched “Girl With a Pearl Earring” today & liked it. I’m going to try to read the book. Watched “No Reservations” tonight. Liked it too. #
  • Got a late start this morning and trying to decide what to tackle first. I guess further ant warfare trumps web work. They just keep coming! #
  • Ants are obediently gulping down the poison I fed them. Good little ants, now take it back to your queen… #
  • Also, I did a ton of web work but still have a ton more to do. Big new product launch coming up. So naturally I volunteered to do more work. #
  • Watching my hubby get ready to play tennis…again. He has been a tennis maniac lately. Oh, and his racket bag is full of ants. Fun! #
  • I am SAVED. @HeatherIdoni is here to play online scrabble with me. I was about to die of boredom. #
  • Wow, how did it get to be 5:00 already? #
  • Username seen in scrabs: lividsnails. I love that one. #
  • @HeatherIdoni is dubbing herself “a ballistic sloth”. #
  • I am not in any way, shape or form motivated to make dinner. I think there will be a revolt soon. #
  • UGH, the agony of Scrabble defeat! But on the upside, I cautiously announce that the ants are pretty much gone from the latest location. #
  • Victory over the ants was accomplished with Terro and removal of the tennis bag which contained packages of Smarties the ants were after. #
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