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Book Review: The Noticer, by Andy Andrews

Written By: Jodi on April 27, 2009 One Comment

The Noticer coverThis little book, under 200 pages, packs a powerful punch.

It is the story of a man named Jones, who comes to a small beach town in Alabama and quietly turns many of the residents’ lives upside-down.

The story begins with Jones meeting the author of the book at a low point in his life. Jones gives the author some tough advice and his story is followed throughout the book. His is not the only life that is touched, however. Jones comes into many lives and seems to know just the right thing to say or to suggest to alter their perspective to what it needs to be to solve their particular problems.

There are many layers to this book, pulling from several schools of thought that I’ve been exposed to recently. It hits on some of the basic principles of these, applying them to each character’s situation. The ‘answer’ is not the same for every person, but the main way to get there is through a change of perspective. We all have filters we see life through and sometimes our filters aren’t working in a way that is best for us. Sometimes our filters are actually blinders. Once we are aware of this, we can work to adjust our perspective to one of truth rather than the lies we may believe.

This book is a nice little read, getting the point across with an enjoyable story line. I would recommend this book to anyone, as I imagine its message would apply to nearly everyone. It’s worth a few hours of your time to read.

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One Response to “Book Review: The Noticer, by Andy Andrews”

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