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I just happened to look as I was signing in and it says I’ve made 99 entries at HSB, so I guess this will be #100. Wow, it seems like I blog so infrequently, how did I get that many posts? Apparently I don’t remember all the stuff I write. So, again, it has been [...]

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You know how when you have so much going on, you don’t even have time to tell people what’s going on and even when you finally get time, you don’t even know where to start? Well, that’s where I am now. So I’ll give a quick run-down to at least get up to speed and [...]

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I think this is the first one I’ve ever seen. He (she?) took up a position on our gazebo right outside our door and was very patient while I took pictures. I thought this one turned out kind of neat looking.

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Is it just me, or is it hard to be positive a lot of the time? My life is pretty good, everybody is healthy, we’re provided for, and I’m doing what I always wanted to do (be a mom and a teacher). Yet it seems like little things have a way of getting under my [...]

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It’s been awhile since I posted anything and my brain is too tired to think of anything too cohesive or clever today, so I guess I’ll just toss out some random bits and see if it makes any sense. Today is Day 2 of the Air Conditioning/Furnace/Basement Vent Installation. Our a/c went out…oh…a couple months [...]

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This isn’t the first time it’s happened, but I have currently reached my limit for enduring clutter in my home. I’m a packrat who married a packrat and gave birth to two more packrats and I just can’t take it anymore. Now, lest you think we live in squalor, that is not true. I don’t [...]

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…to take pictures of my growing seeds. Well, the week wait wasn’t necessary as they started sprouting after only 2 days. The sunflowers grew very quickly and were soon too tall to keep the lid on the ‘greenhouse’ at all. I’ve planted many of the sunflowers and alyssum along with a couple of the lavender [...]

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I’ve decided that I’ve been remiss in not having my 3rd grade son do some creative writing. Frankly, I’ve been busy concentrating on trying to improve his horrific handwriting, but that’s not going so well. He is so stubborn (wonder where he gets that from) and doesn’t like to take my oh, so helpful advice [...]

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My apologies to those on dial-up. I got a bit snap-happy with the ol’ digital camera so this page will take a little bit of time to load. I hope you find it to be worth it! So, we finally got nailed with a winter storm again. It’s been awhile and this one was a [...]

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