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True-Life Tales

Written By: Jodi on March 6, 2008 6 Comments
Introducing our Compassion Child

Here she is! Meet Selina, a 4 year old little girl from northern Tanzania! She has 2 siblings, attends church activities and Bible class and likes playing with dolls and group games. Isn’t she cute? So solemn. We hope to put a smile on that precious little face. I guess I may have to start [...]

Written By: Jodi on March 5, 2008 3 Comments

We’re going to sponsor a child through Compassion International! I need to back up here a little bit and begin at the beginning. Ever since I was pretty young (late grade school, I’m guessing), I’ve wanted to sponsor a child through one of the charitable organizations out there. Now that’s been a lot of years [...]

Written By: Jodi on February 19, 2008 One Comment
Somebody stop me!

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but today I decided I want another pet.  Not just any pet…a Robo Hamster.  Never heard of a Robo Hamster?  I hadn’t either until we went to Petco to get some cat food.  Yes, food for the cats we’ve had for less than a year that live [...]

Written By: Jodi on December 28, 2007 One Comment

Ok, so maybe I didn’t finish our story quite as quickly as I had planned. Better late than never, right? So here is our portion of the weekend. As I mentioned before, we attended a tennis exhibition featuring Andy Roddick and Serena Williams. Also playing were Sam Querrey and Ashley Harkleroad. This was the first [...]

Written By: Jodi on December 17, 2007 One Comment

Actually, it wasn’t even the whole weekend, just Friday and Saturday. But it was packed with action and drama. I think I’ll have to write this in parts or it will be way too long! Friday, my husband and I went to Omaha for a tennis exhibition. Andy Roddick and Serena Williams. More on that [...]

Written By: Jodi on September 24, 2007 No Comment

I just happened to look as I was signing in and it says I’ve made 99 entries at HSB, so I guess this will be #100. Wow, it seems like I blog so infrequently, how did I get that many posts? Apparently I don’t remember all the stuff I write. So, again, it has been [...]

Written By: Jodi on May 12, 2007 No Comment

…to take pictures of my growing seeds. Well, the week wait wasn’t necessary as they started sprouting after only 2 days. The sunflowers grew very quickly and were soon too tall to keep the lid on the ‘greenhouse’ at all. I’ve planted many of the sunflowers and alyssum along with a couple of the lavender [...]

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Written By: Jodi on February 26, 2007 No Comment

My apologies to those on dial-up. I got a bit snap-happy with the ol’ digital camera so this page will take a little bit of time to load. I hope you find it to be worth it! So, we finally got nailed with a winter storm again. It’s been awhile and this one was a [...]

Written By: Jodi on February 13, 2007 No Comment

Happy Birthday to Mommy’s little snuggle bug. Yup, my little guy is now 6 years old. That sounds so old…and yes, I can hear those whose ‘babies’ are 17 years old laughing at me. But for myself…6 seems very old. It’s probably because he’s smaller than average that it’s especially difficult for me to grasp, [...]

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Written By: Jodi on July 24, 2005 No Comment

…but I take leave to disagree. I have thrown down the gauntlet and suggested an “Ugliest Bird Contest”. So look at my ugly bird photo. Then go look at Nancy’s ugly bird photo. Then vote by leaving a comment on the post which you believe has the ugliest bird. That means coming back here to [...]

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